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To access the journal manuscript management system, authors are required to register with the journal for a free account. You will be assigned a unique username and password which should be used for all manuscript related tasks.

You can register as:

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Uploading manuscripts

Cannot upload your manuscript? Large files (> 13 MB) may be difficult to upload. Try to use lower quality imagery in the Word document, and upload higher quality imageries in Step 4 of the submission process.

Contact details for immediate assistance: +27 (0)86 1000 381 or +27 (0)21 975 2602 [Business hours 08:00–16:30 weekdays] or email:


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To add a comment to an article as a whole, first make sure you are logged into the journal website. At the bottom of the article abstract itself, you will click on the link 'add comment'. Alternatively, you can click on the reading tools functionality called 'Post a Comment' on the sidebar on the right.


Good Practice

We encourage comments that:

  • Are 'on topic', and that respond to the content in the article - comment must be evidence-based, not authority-based
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We discourage comments that:

  • Are not 'on topic', or are not responding to other comments or the content in the article
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  • Are excessively long or negative in tone

We will delete comments, without notice, that:

  • Are abusive, harassing, threatening or vulgar
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  • Violate any of AOSIS Terms of Use.

Any users who consistently transgress these conventions will have their user privileges removed.


Alerting publisher of inappropriate comments

To request review of a comment you believe to be inappropriate, contact the publisher immediately. AOSIS OpenJournals staff will investigate the concern, which may involve consulting external experts if necessary. Any comments that AOSIS staff deem to be inappropriate will be removed. Any users who consistently posts inappropriate material will have their user privileges removed. Click here to view contact details of publisher.

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